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New customer journeys in the design and luxury business 

 Most of the subjects of my work are women, adorned in amazing headpieces, jewelry and luxurious fashion, handcrafted with Swarovski crystals, or embedded in digital creativity. I try to be multi-faceted in my artwork and in the collection of oil-on-canvas paintings. Maya Swarovski, founding mother of the Swarovski concern, has some of my artwork with her Swarovski crystals. She and many others have joined my exhibitions all over the world. My work was exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, and in many other upmarket places. I have been a graphic designer in early work, a fashion designer when I grew up, but today more indulge in the world of luxury jewelry, paintings and digital artwork. For exclusive design houses I design luxurious jewelry. My versatility can be attributed to many sources: a belief in the power and sensitivity of women and an education in oriental art and pure creative ability. I lived 5 years in Japan, a couple of years in Singapore and many years in Spain. I worked for Tokyo's Coiffure de Paris magazine, and was published in the Japan's Time magazine. In Singapore and elsewhere my paintings were exhibited in the Grand and Park Hyatt Hotels receiving rave reviews from international critics. Don't miss out on the artwork, the Swarovski crystals and the beautiful digital transformations for laptops and iPADs.
Click here to contact me if you want to know more or want to buy some of the work in my portfolio. Enjoy the small roster of artwork here below.